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Character Sheet

Name: Therese (Trish) Pinem
Race: Human
Homeland: Village of Radole near the City of Kreshna in Wagardia (think north, snow and mountains)
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Dingy blond, shoulder length
Eye: Light Blue

Appearance: Trish tends to dress casually, with black leather pants and a short-sleeved, silk dress shirt (she has three colors: crimson, dark forest green and midnight blue). She wears a chain mail shirt beneath the silk, with black padded leather beneath the links. Despite her thin appearance, she is quite strong. She is not above using this misconception to end a fight abruptly.

History: Therese was born a farmer's daughter with three younger brothers. A wandering knight of Wagardia came through their land. After a 12 year old Therese scolded him for trampling some crop, the young girl found herself sold to the knight and whisked away to his small estate outside of Kreshna. She was assigned the tasks of a chambermaid of the Dugan household. Seeing how her attitude was causing distress among the servants in charge of her, the knight eventually found a use for her in tending the stables. Upon noting her rapt attention upon sparring matches held in his small courtyard, Dugan tested her and was intrigued by her raw talent. He took it upon himself to train her into the ways of a soldier, though she was made well aware that her talents would not be recognized beyond his walls. By the time she was 23 she was a captain within his personal ranks, second only to Nevarre.

The king of Wagardia took interest in troubles happening in the neighboring country of Pavario. To investigate these odd disturbances, Dugan and those under his charge were sent to Galveston, the nearest trade city in Pavario's boundaries. Not wishing for this investigation to be misinterpreted, the king sent several merchants with Dugan, forming a trade caravan. Some of these merchants had their own agendas, hiring mercenaries and bringing their own personal guards for the journey.

The journey to Galveston through the mountain passes proved more perilous than normal. Accompanied by a small band of mercenaries, Dugan and Trish located the source of the trouble and vanquished a legion of undead lead by a vampire.

The horrors only began there. Upon arriving in Galveston, members of the caravan began to vanish. Once again, Dugan and his commanding officers, Trish included, were forced to discover the truth. They unveiled an alliance of demons that had nested beneath the city, and proved victorious but at the cost of all but four under Dugan's charge.

After the liberation of Galveston, the caravan merchants wished to press on to the capital, against Dugan's wishes. Warily Dugan and his surviving warriors pressed on to Perivale.
The caravan never arrived. Halfway en route, they were waylaid by a countless horde of undead, perhaps the entire population of Perivale. With the aid of Lissa Kargas and her small mercenary band, Trish survived the ordeal to flee back to the safety of Wagardia.

The evils of Pavario still remain to this day a mystery, one which Trish has little interest to unveil. Trish joined up with Lissa's band of mercenaries for a short time before parting ways. She remains a mercenary for hire, though the passing years have dulled her blade and reflexes. She spent a short time in the company of the Frost Knights, taking a sudden long leave for reasons unknown.

Skills: Trish is very skilled with light weight blades. In her younger years, she was capable of wielding a blade in each hand, though lack of practice over the past years has weakened her right hand. She can use a light crossbow with either hand, but has no notable talents with bows or throwing weapons. Trish can adapt quickly to the use of other light weight weapons like clubs, flails and axes, though not nearly as effectively as her choice weapon.

Weaknesses: Trish has no stomach for fights against the undead anymore. She has as much a chance as going berserk as she does to simply standing there, paralyzed by the screams of the past. She will outright refuse missions involving encounters with such beings.

Trish also is currently suffering from a long case of retirement. Her blades have been lost and her armor is in poor shape. A bit of retraining and outfitting is in order to get this mercenary back to fighting condition.


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